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Bring the Mad Men look into your life with the timeless design of the Eames Chair! This breathtaking replica Herman Eames Lounge Chair is sure to stun and amaze all who see it, and bring you the comfort you seek while lifting any room to luxury status. Finely upholstered in your choice of imported top grain Italian eco-leather, with an incredible supple texture that will soften over time, this chair will age like a fine wine, making it the perfect investment for your home or office. It's simple to see why this is one of the most beautiful & iconic chairs ever made.

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The Eames Chair is one of the most famous mid-century modern pieces. Its form and functionality have made it one of the most sought after pieces in modern history. This iconic design can be found in popular films, television shows, businesses and in thousands of residences across the globe.

Replica Herman Eames Lounge Chair by Furlge - Shop Essers
$ 1,645.99 $ 994.97
  • USA WAREHOUSE: 5-10 Days Delivery



100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

Its original designers, Charles and Ray, had intended to give it the look and feel of a well worn first baseball mitt. It led to the creation of the Lounge Chair and Ottoman, featuring your choice of multiple leather finishes, high density cushions and imported veneers.

Unparalleled craftsmanship

Both the chair and ottoman are hand-assembled with great attention paid to the details. Shells are 7-ply veneers. Cushions are individually upholstered and replaceable. The back braces and bases—of both the chair and ottoman—are die-cast aluminum. The chair base has a built-in swivel mechanism. Shock mounts are resilient natural rubber. Stainless steel glides are adjustable.

But Why Choose Us?

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How do I care for my Herman Millar Eames Chair?

Leather Cushions

Using a soft cloth, clean periodically with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Wipe with another clean, damp cloth. Buff dry with a soft cotton terry towel.

Clean the entire surface of the leather; do not spot clean.

Do not use saddle soaps or oils as these products contain solvents that will break down the oils used in tanning the leather, harming its stain resistant finish.

Wood Veneer Panels

Clean periodically with a quality furniture polish, free of solvents or abrasives, applied with a soft cloth following all application instructions.

Avoid leaving your chair in direct sunlight for long periods of time as ultra-violet rays may eventually damage the finish.

Polished Aluminum Base and Back Support Surfaces

Polish with Johnson's Wood Floor Paste Wax according to the manufacturer's instructions.

In areas near salt water, wipe down the aluminium surfaces monthly. In other regions, once every 3 months is acceptable.

Re-apply the Johnson's Wax after each clean.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners on the polished aluminium or painted parts of the chair or ottoman. Painted metal surfaces should be washed with a soft cloth and mild soap, carefully rinsed then buffed dry.

Where do you ship from, and how long does it take?

All of our beautiful chairs are shipped from our USA warehouse, with UPS tracked shipping. Using this fast option, we have an average delivery time of 5-10 business days.

Does this come with a warranty?

All of our chairs are fully backed by a 1 Year Replacement Warranty. Should something be wrong with your chair, simply contact us via with photos of the defect and we will send a replacement, free of charge.

What are the dimensions of the chair and ottoman?


87 x 82 x 90 centimeters

34.25 x 32.28 x 35.43 inches


65 x 58 x 45 centimeters

25.59 x 22.83 x 17.72 inches

Replica Herman Eames Lounge Chair by Furlge - Shop Essers
$ 1,645.99 $ 994.97
  • USA WAREHOUSE: 5-10 Days Delivery



100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee


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